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Electrical Phase Losses

Electrical Phase Losses: The loss of a phase can have serious consequences for a manufacturing operation.  Dropping a phase can result in insulation breakdown and lead quickly to the destruction of 3-phase motors. This, in turn, can have a significant impact on production schedules creating wasted product and downtime. Both of these factors combined represent a significant loss of capital to a company.


The Hershey Solution: Phase Loss Synthesis is the fourth and final optional feature of the Hershey System. The Hershey System is able to detect the lost phase, and utilizing inductance, capacitance and close-tolerance resistors, can create the lost phase from the remaining two. This can be accomplished indefinitely until the lost phase is restored. 

It should be noted that this option supports a maximum of 67% of the full load amperage on the distribution system. Therefore, load shedding will be required before the Hershey System will engage. Furthermore, this option requires a special design with specific criteria that must be met prior to design and implementation (ex. Ampacity of the conductors must be sufficient to carry the load of the remaining 2 phases etc.)

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