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Energy Efficiency Questionnaire

Please take a moment to fill out the following information and press the SUBMIT button. If you prefer, you can click here for a printable version of this form that you can print out and fax to our offices at (585) 248-8235.

Once you submit this information to our offices, we will prepare our no-cost estimate that demonstrates the potential scope and impact of our Energy Efficiency Program at your facility.




1.  Are you a locally owned company? Yes     No
2.  Does your company/institution spend more than $200,000.00 a year on any one 480 volt main transformer's electrical consumption? Yes     No
3.  Is your consumption rate more than $.06/kWh? Yes     No
4.  Would you be willing to invest in a 20 year Cost Reduction Program with a potential payback of 2 years or less? Yes     No
5.  Would you be interested in a Paid From Savings Plan that guarantees savings performance and requires no new dollars to financially support? Yes     No
6.  Are there Main Capacitor Banks in use? Yes     No
Please indicate the kVAR Size of the Capacitor Banks in use (ie. 250kVAR):
7.  Do you have plans to acquire any power conditioning equipment? Yes     No
8.  Do you have a current electrical one-line diagram of your facility?  Please make arrangements to provide if available. Yes     No
9. Estimate the total annual electric costs for the main transformers involved (ie. $200,000).  Please make arrangements to provide complete copies of the last 12 months utility bills if available.
10. Weekly hours of business operation (ie. 168 hrs.  - Please note any anomalies for particular networks.)
11. Main Transformer Specifications expressed in kVA size & voltage (ie. T1: 750kVA, 4160/480V)
T1: T6: T11:
T2: T7: T12:
T3: T8: T13:
T4: T9: T14:
T5: T10: T15:
12. Essential Account Information
Business Name
Shipping Address PO Box
City State  Zip  
Contact Title
Phone Ext.
Re-type E-mail
13.  Please indicate your HES Sales Rep., if any:

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