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Overloaded Transformers

Overloaded Transformers: Overloaded transformers are found in industry as a result of a combination of factors. Often times rapid plant expansion without adequate capacity planning can lead to overloaded transformers. This, combined with the poor power factor and high harmonic currents generated by inductive loads, can cause a transformer to become heavily loaded. Whatever the cause, an overloaded transformer presents an obstacle to future plant expansion and heavily overloaded transformers can overheat and pose a potential fire hazard.

The Hershey Solution: The standard Hershey system will increase the kVA capacity on a given transformer up to 45-50%, depending upon the pre-existing conditions and inefficiencies on that transformer. The releasing of kVA capacity is a by-product of the standard features of the Hershey System. 

This will allow for additional expansion on the given electrical network and avoid costly transformer upgrades. It is accomplished by reducing the following:

  • Power factor losses
  • Harmonic losses
  • Negative voltage sequence losses
  • Circulating current losses
  • Hysteresis

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