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Power Factor

Power Factor : As shown below, Power Factor is the ratio of Real Power (kW) to Apparent Power (kVA).

In a purely resistive circuit, all of the current delivered to the load is converted to real work (kW). Therefore, the kW=kVA, and the Power Factor = 1 (unity). However, many loads in industry today are inductive. This inductance causes the current to lag behind the voltage, and the reactive and harmonic currents drawn are used to create the magnetic field needed to operate these machines. Thus, power is lost in the magnetic field and kW < kVA, and the Power Factor < 1. Low Power Factor causes the following adverse effects:

  • Increased line losses - I2R.
  • Wasted generation capacity (kVA).
  • Wasted distribution / transformer capacity (kVA).
  • Wasted system capacity (kVA).
  • Reduced system efficiency (kW).
  • Increased max. demand (kVA), & related charges.
  • Possible poor power factor penalty charges.
  • Increased maintenance of equipment and machinery.
  • Wasted energy / higher electric bills - KWD & KWH.
  • Wasted investment and operating capital. 

The Hershey Solution: The Hershey System uses a variable level of capacitance that is load specific to raise the power factor in an electrical network to –95% to 100%. This will effectively eliminate any charges assessed by the local utility for low power factor and will prevent the system from going into capacitance (current leads the voltage) during low load situations.

Unlike traditional capacitor banks, the Hershey System also incorporates harmonic filters that will eliminate any resonance in the network. Finally, all Hershey installations employ a self-diagnostic feature that provides an audible alert in the case of a capacitor cell failure. Furthermore, any stage under alarm will be taken off-line.

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