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Power Quality Testimonials

The following are actual comments from our customers regarding the electrical power quality improvements realized after installation of our power quality system:


"There has been a reduction in the amount of production downtime due to electrical motor interruptions. This has resulted in an increase in total production per production hour."


"We no longer experience the interruptions to our AC motor variable speed drives previously caused by erratic voltage conditions within our plant, voltage spikes generated by the utility transmission, lightning or harmonic activity."


"There has been a substantial reduction in our electrical motor replacement and maintenance requirements."


"We have experienced a substantial reduction in the replacement of fluorescent and HID lighting ballasts."


"Electric motors are running at lower temperatures and at more stable rpm's and have better starting torques."


"We have increased the available capacity of our transformers by approximately 20% thereby allowing the addition of required electrical equipment without overloading the transformers."


"When there is a prolonged interruption of electric power from the utility company, we no longer have to reset disconnects or circuit breakers at electrical motor centers that used to trip due to voltage surges upon restoration of power. This has resulted in a more prompt return to production and increased our productivity."

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