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Free Offer Package

This estimate will provide you with the approximate cost of a power conditioning system and the potential energy savings to be achieved by the system. Included as a part of this estimate is an explanation of our power quality audit services and a quote to perform these services on the electrical networks in your facility. 

Please note that due to the customized nature of our approach, it is not possible to quote an exact cost and dollar savings until we have actually conducted a power quality audit of the networks in question. Therefore, the numbers presented in this estimate are exactly that - an estimate that can be used as a guideline for project costing and energy savings.

In order to prepare an estimate for your facility, we will require the following information:

  • The facility's trailing twelve months of electrical utility bills. Note that if 12 months are not available, we can make assumptions based upon the data that we do have. However, the more data available, the more accurate the estimate will be. Furthermore, we must have the full 12 month's data in order to prepare our final system proposal after the power quality audit has been conducted.
  • The facility's weekly hours of operation. If this varies from one electrical network to the next, this information should be noted.
  • The number and size of the main transformers operating in your facility and notated as follows (if available, a current line diagram of the facility is requested):

    T1-1000kVA, 4160/480V, 3-phase; T2-500kVA, 4160/480V, 3-phase

Please click here to fill out our on-line form and submit this information.

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