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Imbalanced Currents

Imbalanced currents:
Imbalanced currents often arise when single-phase loads are employed unevenly on a 3-phase distribution system. When the imbalance approaches 10%, the following problems may surface in an electrical distribution system:

  • Negative Voltage Sequence.
  • Circulating currents.
  • Increased current in neutral conductor.
  • Increased Neutral-to-Ground voltage.
  • Overheating of motors (insulation breakdown).
  • Reduced motor efficiency.
  • Motor bearings failures.
  • Increased maintenance of equipment and machinery.
  • Wasted energy / higher electric bills - KWD and KWH.
  • Wasted investment and operating capital.

The Hershey Solution: The standard Hershey System will balance the 3 phases electrically based upon X/R and the impedance of the system, Z, in order to ensure that this 10% limit is not exceeded throughout the electrical networks. In addition, the standard Hershey System will reduce the current across all 3 phases by 30-40% thereby reducing the line losses (I2Z) and accounting for a portion of the guaranteed energy savings.


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