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Link Analysis

Upon the receipt of a purchase order and the initial down payment, our technicians will make arrangements to visit your site and take final measurements for the design of the proposed system. This is referred to as our "Link Analysis" and it achieves the following objectives:

  1. Each main transformer to be included in the system design is re-measured. This is done to check for any significant variance in the readings from our initial Power Quality Audit (this will be determined, in large part, by the amount of time between the original audit and the link analysis). Please note that if significant loads have been added, this will require adjustments to the design and to the proposed system cost.
  2. Specific areas within each electrical network are measured as follows:

    Networks identified in the original Power Quality Audit with specific power quality problems (ex. excessive harmonics) are examined to determine the source of the problem and the implications for system design

    Distribution panels where large DC loads or arc welders are connected are measured

    Distribution panels operating with one or more motor loads at 50HP or more are measured

    Distribution panels with 200Amps or greater are measured

  3. Final location for the equipment installation is determined.
  4. Requirements for breakers, disconnects, cabling and conduit are determined taking into consideration any special codes or restrictions as specified by the client.

Once these measurements have been taken, this information is submitted to our team of design engineers who then design the specifications for the customized power conditioning system. Please note that due to the customized nature of this technology, the lead time from the Link Analysis to the system delivery date is 8-12 weeks.

Once the Hershey System has been installed, we will begin to conduct our utility bill and energy savings analyses.

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