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Performance Assurance Plan

The Performance Assurance Plan has two main objectives:

  • Provide customers with a routine maintenance service on the installed equipment in order to protect their investment
  • Verify system performance and identify any changes in load conditions that could affect overall power quality and/or energy savings and are beyond the scope of the original system design 

Customers will be contacted by their Hershey Energy Systems' representative approximately 10 months after system installation and commissioning. At this point, the customer will receive a Performance Assurance Plan detailing the costs to perform this service on the installed system(s). The cost of a Performance Assurance Plan is based upon two factors: 

  • The specifications and size of the equipment to be serviced
  • The frequency of service as determined by the customer. Currently, we offer a choice between service Option I (once annually) and service Option II (twice annually)

Once a Performance Assurance Plan Agreement has been executed, Hershey Energy Systems will contact the customer to arrange for either annual or bi-annual servicing of the equipment which will be conducted by the HES approved Strategic Alliance Contractor. Performance Assurance Plans are renewable each year after the first year of system operation.

The following lists the activities to be performed as a part of a Performance Assurance Plan service call:

Preventive Maintenance Activities

  • Visual inspection and verification of system performance
  • Actual load measurement and physical inspection of the system components
  • Calibration of regulators and stage performance verification, where applicable
  • Monitoring and display circuitry inspection and calibration
  • Inspection of the system's protective devices and components
  • General housekeeping

Repair & Replacement

Active Components:

  • Regulators
  • Contactors
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermisters
  • Thermal Switches
  • Claxons
  • Small Stage Fuses
  • Disconnect Panels
  • Analog Voltage Meters
  • Analog Ampere Meters

Passive Components:

  • Capacitors
  • Reactors
  • Resistors
  • MOV's
  • Cables
  • Potential transformers
  • Fuse Blocks
  • Current Transformers
  • Sensors
  • Monitoring systems
  • Terminal strips
  • Pull connectors
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Enunciator lights and switches

Please note that repair and/or replacement, including related labor, of both active and passive components is not included in this plan. Such activities will be additionally charged at cost with customer approval. 

Performance Measurement, Analysis & Reporting

Power quality audits are conducted at the time each service is rendered. Results of the findings will be prepared for the customer and presented in a formal performance report to verify system performance. This report will also include a detailed description of any specific problems identified as well as a list of the repairs and/or replacements that were made.

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