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Power Quality Auditing

During the Power Quality Audit stage of the Hershey Energy Efficiency Program, our technicians will test and measure the electrical characteristics of each main transformer load center within your facility. Measurements are taken from the secondary side of the transformers using a true RMS 3-phase power analyzer. In addition to determining the impedance of each network ("z factor") and the ratio of reactance to resistance (X/R) the following characteristics are measured:

  • Load Factor
  • Voltage condition
  • Transformer full load current
  • Transformer loading
  • Transformer highest loading
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Real power (kW)
  • Reactive power (kVAR)
  • PFCC reactive power (kVAR)
  • Total harmonic distortion (V & I)
  • Facility's percent of operation

Please note that this activity should be performed when the facility being tested is operating at a minimum of 70% of the normal load.

The result of the Power Quality Audit is a conclusive engineering report and proposal that details the results of our findings and highlights the areas of inefficiency that were discovered.

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