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Impressive Productivity Gains

Back in the fall of 1996, the Engineering Manager of this consumer products manufacturer in upstate NY authorized the purchase of one custom Hershey Energy power quality  and energy saving system. This system was to be installed as a "Pilot Project" and the results achieved would dictate future application of other systems that had been recommended for the facility.

Four months after system startup, Hershey Energy Systems was able to demonstrate an improvement of 25.6% in the plant's production efficiency. Prior to installation, the plant was able to produce 8.2 pounds of product/kWh but now, after installation of the Hershey System, that figure increased to an impressive 10.3 pounds of product/kWh. 

Furthermore, the power quality of this network was better than ever before with power factor improved from .82 to a near unity .98 and voltages that were consistently hovering around 486 volts.

After 6 full months of system operation, additional testing was done by an independent contractor. Results showed that even though an additional load of 470 amps had been added to the network, actual savings achieved was still at 25.9%

The outstanding performance of this installation led to a recommendation "to pursue this electrical savings innovation throughout all of the plants". To date, this has resulted in an upgrade of the original system and the installation of two additional customized systems with plans for more implementations in the future.

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