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Engineering Report & Proposal

Once the Power Quality Audit has been completed, this information is analyzed using computer models and compiled in a comprehensive, multi-section engineering report and proposal. This report and proposal will provide you with a profile of each electrical network in your facility (in both tabular and graphical formats), and will identify areas of inefficiency and any electrical power quality problems that were discovered at the time of measurement. 

Furthermore, this report is combined with our recommendations that should be considered to resolve these problems. These recommendations include the financial details and economic justification for the technologies and solutions recommended.

Our engineering report and proposal is organized as follows:

Introduction - Includes an executive overview/cover letter and a brief summary of the audit's purpose and the methodology used

Conclusions - Includes a brief summary of our recommendations and a list of the benefits of the recommended technology

Energy Savings Profile - Profiles the guaranteed and expected energy savings projected for the recommended technology and includes a depreciation schedule as well as a payback calculation

Financials - Details the cost of the specified technology and the payment requirements

Paid From Savings Plan - Provides the financial details of our unique "Paid From Savings Plan", PowerPak, and the associated cash flows

Performance Verification and Performance Guarantee - Provides the details of the unique Hershey Energy Systems Performance Guarantee

Energy Savings Guarantee - Certificate of the Energy Savings Guarantee

System Warranty - Details System Warranty information

HES Performance Assurance Plan - Provides an overview of our optional Performance Assurance Plan that will extend the system warranty period and energy savings guarantees

Appendix A - Technology Specifications - Details the features and benefits of the specified technology

Appendix B - Audit Summary - A multi-page summary of our Power Quality Audit that includes a detailed utility bill analysis of your facility, transformer network conditions in graphical form, an overview of the audit findings, and the projected electrical characteristic improvements for each network under consideration

Appendix C - Audit Details - Details the measurements taken on each transformer network during the Power Quality Audit

Appendix D - Performance Verification & References - Details our procedures for performance verification of the recommended technology, and includes pertinent references for your perusal

Once you decide to proceed with the Hershey System, the next step is to begin System Design & Installation (also referred to as the Link Analysis).

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