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Utility Bill & Energy Savings Analyses

In addition to our initial Performance Verification and Commissioning Report which is conducted at the time of system installation, Hershey Energy Systems also offers a utility bill and energy savings analysis service as a part of our Energy Efficiency Program. This service is free of charge, and will be conducted for a period of one year following system installation.

During the 12 months following system installation, customers are required to furnish Hershey Energy Systems with complete copies of their electric utility bills. Using this information, Hershey Energy Systems will prepare periodic utility bill and energy savings analyses to compare energy utilization one year prior to and one year after system installation.

Energy savings determination is based upon reductions in kW, kWh and kVAR as shown through analysis of the customer's electric utility bills. If not readily discernable from the electric utility bill, customers are also required to furnish information pertaining to the following variables which directly or indirectly affect the consumption of electricity:

  • kW Demand
  • Hours of Business Operation
  • Units of Production
  • Transformer Load Factors
  • Heating & Cooling Degree Days
  • Utility Rate structures
  • Utility Billing Days
  • Any other factors determined to affect the consumption of electricity in the network(s) under consideration

Based upon the above information, detailed energy savings reports that include comparisons to our original savings projections will be developed and delivered to the customer. For a further explanation of our methodology please refer to the utility bill analysis page.

Finally, as a part of our program, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase a Performance Assurance Plan to ensure that the Hershey System is performing to specification on an ongoing basis.

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